Welcome to our little world of believing in dreams and celebrating the magic around us.

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Sowears was founded in 2018 by Soha Yaseen to cater western wear in Pakistan with the help of her parents, while she was in university, studying Textile designing.  


Soha Yaseen, Founder, Co-owner & CEO

Soha is a textile designer turned into fashion designer. Designing beautiful and functional dresses is her passion, along with designing all-in-all fashion and home décor. Also, she looks after all the stategic decision, business growth, finance & administration, product expansion, capital allocation & long-term planning. 


Sabeen Hussain, Co-owner & Head of Supply Chain

You know the secret? She is Soha's mom and has been her big support in this journey, without her Sowears wouldn't be here, she and her husband (Soha's father) are working together to bring efficiency in the supply chain. Sabeen is an effortless individual with great designing knowledge and management cleverness.


As women, we are better together! This is why, as a team, we will do our best each day to cater to the needs, hopes and dreams of each and every one of you in the best way we know how. We are proud to be a woman-run business and feel so lucky to have made such special friendships while pursuing our dreams!

We hope you keep loving and supporting Sowears and we aim to provide you the best!