Medley Dress In White Floral Maxi Dresses  - SowearsMedley Dress In White Floral Maxi Dresses  - Sowears

Medley White Floral Maxi Dress

PKR Rs. 6,812.50 PKR
model wearing a pastel green dress by sowearspastel green dress by sowears

Pixie - Pastel Green Dress

PKR Rs. 6,187.50 PKR
westover sky blue dress by sowearswestover sky blue dress by sowears

Westover - Sky Blue Dress

PKR Rs. 6,812.50 PKR
Ash Tree Long Dress Dresses  - SowearsAsh Tree Long Dress Dresses  - Sowears

Ash Tree Long Dress

PKR Rs. 5,562.50 PKR
Sequence Dress In Maroon Dresses  - SowearsSequence Dress In Maroon Dresses  - Sowears

Sequence Dress In Maroon

PKR Rs. 6,187.50 PKR
close up of off white maxi dress by sowearsoff white maxi dress by sowears

Ellora - Off White Maxi Dress

PKR Rs. 10,562.50 PKR
close up of corfu blue maxi dress by sowearscorfu the blue maxi dress by sowears

Corfu - Blue Solid Dress

PKR Rs. 4,937.50 PKR
Black Pleated Dress Dresses  - SowearsBlack Pleated Dress Dresses  - Sowears

Black Pleated Dress

PKR Rs. 5,562.50 PKR
Pearl Dress In Pastel Green Dresses  - SowearsPearl Dress In Pastel Green Dresses  - Sowears

Pearl Dress In Pastel Green

PKR Rs. 5,562.50 PKR
Jules - Pleated Red Dress Dresses  - Sowearspleated red dress

Jules - Pleated Red Dress

PKR Rs. 6,812.50 PKR
Autumn Floral Belted Dress  - SowearsAutumn Floral Belted Dress  - Sowears

Autumn Floral Belted Dress

PKR Rs. 5,562.50 PKR
Lilie Dress In Maroon Dresses  - SowearsLilie Dress In Maroon Dresses  - Sowears

Lilie Dress In Maroon

PKR Rs. 7,187.50 PKR
Leafy - Black Pleated Dress Dresses  - SowearsLeafy - Black Pleated Dress Dresses  - Sowears

Leafy - Black Pleated Dress

PKR Rs. 6,187.50 PKR
Lilie Dress In Green Dresses  - SowearsLilie Dress In Green Dresses  - Sowears

Lilie Dress In Green

PKR Rs. 7,187.50 PKR
Organza Dress In Peonies Dresses  - SowearsOrganza Dress In Peonies Dresses  - Sowears

Organza Dress In Peonies

PKR Rs. 6,187.50 PKR
Whimsical Dress In Lilac Dresses  - SowearsWhimsical Dress In Lilac Dresses  - Sowears

Whimsical Dress In Lilac

PKR Rs. 7,437.50 PKR
Ice Grey Cutwork Dress Dresses  - SowearsIce Grey Cutwork Dress Dresses  - Sowears
On sale

Ice Grey Cutwork Dress

PKR Rs. 4,312.50 PKR PKR Rs. 5,562.50 PKR

Long Dresses for All Occasions

Sowears have always strived to become the benchmark for long dresses for girls & women alike. We want to create something that's fashionable, stylish, subtle & exquisite. Whether it's a long sleeve party dress, a casual family event or even a trip to the beach, we want Sowears to be your first choice for them all.

Here are some of the options that we'd like to provide our customers to go along with our western long dresses.

All of these are aimed to compliment your western long dresses, with both long & short sleeve options available, specifically Pakistani made. We've a variety of different color combinations for you to enjoy and we cannot wait to have you on this journey with us. If you're looking for the ideal long frocks for your party or casual outing with friends, we at Sowears would like to be the one to provide them with a variety of embroidered and simple lock frock options for you.

Sowears Pakistani Long Dresses

Sowears proudly offer a stunning collection of Pakistani long dresses. Our collection features a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs, all of which showcase the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that Pakistani fashion is known for. Each dress is made from high-quality materials and tailored to perfection, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Whether you're looking for something elegant and sophisticated or bold and colorful, our Pakistani long dresses are sure to impress. Browse our collection today and discover your new favorite dress!

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