Size chart? How to find your perfect size? Guide to find your perfect size.

We want you to feel your best in Sowears dresses and to find a perfect size in online shopping is a big task, this article will help in making your online shopping a breeze so you could flaunt your dresses with perfect sizes. All articles have size chart given under each product, since every article is unique, the size chart differs. Kindly go through size chart under each product for exact measurements


Place the tape measure just under your armpit, wrap

it over the fullest part of your bustline and across your shoulder

blades until you've reached your starting point to determine

your approximate bust size.


Bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist, set the

tape measure at this crease and wrap it all the way around

your waistline to find your true waist size.


Place your feet together and stand nice and tall, wrap the measuring

tape over the fullest part of your seat and around your front until

the tape touches again below your belly button.


To envision the dress length on you, check the chart for the

measurement listed under "length", find that number on your

measuring tape and pinch it between your fingers - then hold

hold it to the top of your shoulder and let the rest of the tape

dangle down your legs, noting where "O inches" hits.

We hope you find your perfect size, please note that every dress has different cuts and designs. Some are styled loose and some are fitted, each one has a style mentioned under each long dress/shirt/pants/skirts on the website.