How to Hang Long Dresses - Easily!

Knowing how to hang long dresses properly is essential to keep your clothing neat and organized. Hanging a dress can seem daunting, but it’s easy once you know the steps. With the proper steps and supplies, you can hang your dress up safely and securely in just a few minutes. The following guide will provide an overview of how to hang long dresses to keep them looking their best. Here are the steps you need to take:

How To Hang Long Dresses? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Depending on your wardrobe type, there are numerous ways to hang long dresses. You can use either method outlined below if you have a standard closet with hangers and vertical rods.

Step 1: Prepare the Hanging Area

Before you can hang your long dress, you must prepare a suitable area for it. Find an empty wall space in your closet or bedroom that is free from clutter and has enough room for the entire length of your dress. Make sure the area is dust-free, as dirt particles can settle onto the fabric and cause damage over time.

Step 2: Measure the Length of your Long Dress

Before you can hang your dress, you need to measure it carefully to determine how much space you need. Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure from the top of the dress (near the shoulders) to the bottom of the dress. It will give you an exact length for your dress, which will help you choose a suitable hanger.

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Hanger for Your Dress

Once you know the length of your dress, it is time to select a suitable hanger. Look for a hanger that is wide enough to hold the entire length of your dress without bending or folding it. Wooden or velvet-covered hangers are ideal, as they will not slip off the fabric and keep your dress safely in place.

Step 4: Hang the Dress Safely and Securely

When you have chosen a suitable hanger, it is time to hang your dress up. Start by draping the top of your dress over the hook at the top of the hanger. Make sure it is secure and will not slip off as you arrange the rest of the fabric. Then slowly lower the length of your dress onto the remaining part of the hanger until it is wholly draped. To help keep your dress in place, you can use clothes pins to clip the fabric onto the hanger.

Step 5: Arrange the Fabric to Preserve its Shape and Length

Once your dress is securely hung on the hanger, take a few moments to carefully arrange the fabric so that it hangs evenly and preserves its shape and length. Take care not to tug or pull on the fabric too much, as this can cause it to stretch out over time.

Step 6: Add Accessories and Adornments for Effect (Optional)

Once your dress is securely hung, add some accessories or adornments for a decorative touch. These could include jewelry, scarves, or other items that can be hung from the hanger and draped around your dress for an elegant look.

Step 7: Enjoy the Style and Grace of your Long Dress!

Once your long dress is appropriately hung, take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it looks. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure your dress looks its best for years to come.

Additional Tips To Hang Long Dresses

There are a few more tips to bear in mind when hanging long dresses:

  • You should use the hanger's appropriate size and shape to ensure that the dress hangs appropriately and does not become misshapen. Consider using padded hangers if needed, as these will help keep the material smooth and free from creases.
  • Make sure the dress is buttoned up. It will help prevent strain or stretching on the material as it hangs.
  • If you are traveling in your long dress, a garment bag can be an ideal way to protect it from becoming damaged.
  • Invest in suitable quality hangers. This can help ensure your dress looks neat and tidy on the hanger and help it last longer.
  • Hang the dress away from direct sunlight. Any direct exposure to sunlight for long periods can cause damage to fabrics over time, so try to hang the garment in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

These simple tips can help you keep your long dresses looking beautiful for years. With proper care, these garments will remain timeless pieces you can enjoy wearing and admire for the coming seasons.


What is the best way to hang long dresses?

A garment bag or closet rack is the best way to hang long dresses. Garment bags will protect your dress from dust and dirt while still allowing you to keep it in an organized space. Closet racks are also great for keeping multiple garments together in one place. If neither of these options is available, use a rolling rack or plastic hangers with clips to hang your dress.

Is it ok to hang long dresses on regular hangers?

Regular hangers can be used for short dresses but not for longer ones. Regular hangers do not have enough support to keep the entire length of the dress from dragging on the ground. If you use a regular hanger, invest in extra clips to keep your dress secure and wrinkle-free.

Do I need to iron my long dress before I hang it?

No, ironing your long dress before hanging it is unnecessary. Simply hang the dress on a high-quality hanger or rack; it should stay wrinkle-free. If you find wrinkles forming, lightly steam the dress with an iron or steamer before hanging it up.


Whether you use a vintage garment bag or store it in your closet, ensure the dress hangs freely and is not folded over to prevent fabric distortion. Additionally, using proper hangers, such as padded varieties, will help keep the shape of your dress and minimize wrinkles. With these tips in mind, you now have the knowledge to hang long dresses properly and take care of your garments for years to come.,