Dress Up Like the Boss Lady YOU Are

When it comes to office wear, it is very important to have a keen sense of fashion and style. You must communicate your capabilities and confidence through your outfit. Dressing smartly for work or interviews gives off a professional touch. You’ll want to make sure that you look the part when dealing with your colleagues and clients to inspire confidence and trust

7 Tips on How to Dress like a Boss Lady

It is not always that we step out looking our best. We are most comfortable in our casuals at home or even sometimes step out like that. But there comes a time when we are ready to change the game, we want to look smart, chic yet confident. It is one of those moments when we want to dress like boss ladies.

The following are a few tips to help you dress up like a boss lady so you can start selecting the right outfits and upgrading your wardrobe:

Follow the Dark Color Rule

Dark color tones are a boss lady’s best friend! Yes, you got that right, darker tones of blue, grey, green, and black for sure are a must-have in your wardrobe. A dark color western long dress can be styled easily with minimum jewelry, and they suit all body types not to forget they give a touch of power and confidence to your personality.

You can also opt for a western Two-piece separate with a combination of black and white to be your go-to look for office wear.

Two Piece Separate

Say YES to a Long Dress

A long dress can be the safest and best choice for your office look as the modern work environment is more casual than it has ever been. A solid color long dress can be styled with a nice shoulder bag or cross-body bag with it and for accessories, you can opt for a watch or a delicate bracelet to complete your look.

According to a survey our Ophelia Dress - Navy Poplin Cotton Dress is loved the most among working women.

Long Dress

Invest in a Good Coat

You might want to remove your coat when you get to work but you should own a versatile coat as they provide coverage and make a huge difference in creating a powerful style, not to forget they can be worn with any set of clothes. Long dark color coats suit all body types, and they add class to your overall look.

For instance, our Drop Shoulder Plaid Winter Coat can be styled with any long dress, pair of jeans, and t-shirt.

Black long coat

Focus on your accessories

A well-put-together look lies in the details and that is why you should always pay special attention when trying to dress up like a boss lady. You should own a good quality handbag in a neutral color tone as it goes with almost all sorts of outfits, a nice hoop earring set, and not to forget boss lady look is incomplete without a decent nice watch, invest in a branded watch that suits your budget and complete your look in no time.

small hoop earring set

Go for Comfortable Shoes

As a working lady, you are going to be on your feet for hours every day, so you should not compromise on your comfort and opt for shoes in which you can move around easily. Go for basic slides, pumps, or peep toes with neutral colors as they go with any outfit of any color. If you are comfortable wearing heels you can rock them as comfort brings out confidence.

Basic black sandals

Rock the No-makeup Look

How to dress up like a boss lady when it comes to makeup? Remember less is more when it comes to makeup while dressing for work. You should apply natural-looking makeup and use neutral colors for eyes and lips as they help in keeping your look subtle and make you look fresh all day long. For instance, you can wear a nice dark blue long dress and wear nude color lipstick and blush to complete the look.


Keep Your Fragrance Game Strong

Make sure you smell good. A bad odor is an immediate pull-off. If you consider all the tips yet fail to achieve this specific one, you fail all the ‘how-to-dress-like-a-boss-lady rules!


Mostly the way we are dressed is the first thing that someone remembers after meeting us and we should take that seriously girls as we want to look the best NO?! So, remember all these tips on how to dress like a boss lady and start focusing on your wardrobe to slay in all fields of life.