Upcoming Summer Long Dresses Trends 2022

We have been dreaming up the best summer dresses just for you! We've been watching the trends in fashion magazines, fashion influencers, on social media platforms and we've narrowed down two trends that we're predicting will make an appearance this summer of 2022! YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

Pastel Florals

Floral is in and here to stay, more specifically pastel floral long dresses. We've been seeing that the exact pastel vintage floral prints you once saw all around your grandparent's house are back in style! (You know what we're talking about) Whether that be wallpaper, cosmetic bags, bedspreads, or dresses; Floral print is the trend right now! We wanted to bring this pastel-like floral print in our dresses so you can be in style.


Classy Embroidered Long Dresses

Minimal embroidery on long dresses is a go go this season and our NOVA dress has become the best seller this way!

You will be the absolute center of attention with wearing these classy minimal embroidered long dresses which will make you look gorgeous on both beach & party!


We hope you love them as much as we loved creating them and SLAY!

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